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We Specialised in Auto Electrical Service and ECU Repair

Wе аrе quаlіfіеd Аutо Еlесtrісіаn, Аutо Lосksmіth аnd Аutо Месhаnіс fоr аll Аutо Rераіrs. Wе аrе аblе tо rераіr уоur саr Frоm Еngіnе Маnаgmеnt То Ѕаfеtу Аnd Соmfоrt Rеlаtеd Еlесtrоnіс Еquірmеnt. Ехреrіеnсе іn ЕСU Rераіr, On-Board Diagnostic аnd Rераіr, Саr Еlесtrоnіс Соntrоllеrs Rераіr, Wіrіng Rераіr, DРF Rеpair, Іmmоbіlіsеr Rераіr аnd Rерrоgrаmmіng уоur vеhісlе's аll рrоgrаmmаblе Еlесtrоnіс Соntrоllеrs.


  • Car Communication System Problems



  • Car Sensors' Servicing


  • Car Air-Conditioning Repair


  • Sensors Programming.
Auto Electrical Southall Branch

Auto Wizards Hayes and Uxbridge has skill to recover Electronic Control Unit lost-data problems in your vehicle. Embedded Reprogramming and......Tuning your car engine manipulating Engine Control Module for better results. Simulating from to Actuators, Injectors, Throttle Body Repair, DPF Repair, EGR Valve, Turbo Service, Lambda Sensor's Problems' Solution.

Auto Wizards Hayes Branch is a new Automotive Electrical Auto Locksmith and Electronics repairing shop in Uxbridge and Hayes Area. Auto Electrician Service are available at dealer level. We offer all kinds Air-Conditioning, Audio Video, Navigation, Central Locking, Headlights, Indicators And Short Circuiting Solution.

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Auto Electrical, ECU Repair, DPF Removal


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Throttle Body Repair,DPF Removal and Hybrid Battery Repair

Hybrid Battery Faults

Hybrid Battery Repair

Diagnosis, Repair, Reprogramming

Fuel Injection Throttle-Body

Car Throttle-Body Repair

Diagnosis, Repair, Reprogramming

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